The place where I work since 2015 is a school that runs by city. It seems that the one of the school policy which many teachers in there proud is "we decide everything by ourselves, there is no top or superiors"...

When I came here, one of my colleague had a mental illness. She had have power harassment from the older colleague in the same department. However this was quite delicate problem not only for both her and the older teacher, it is also for the school that especially runs by city. The city did not acknowledge it, because they didn't want to publish it. Hence the older colleague got a statement that "there was no harassment". He became out of hand...

The big door I made is located in front of the wood workshop. The door is opened most of the time, it is closed in case they might be met by accident.It opens as wide as possible not to disturb transporting huge objects such as materials and students made.

Of course the door is for dividing their territories physically. Also I was aiming that "the door exists there" makes her mind any lighter.

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