A na B  (Make the “B” like “A”)


"Communication" is the most important thing for doing design.
That was I learned from the experience live in NL and Germany.

One day, Some of the students came to me,
and they asked me to give an extra assignment during the vacation periode in 2016.

Japan is island, it is isolated, so they have characteristic culture and tradition. Compare to Europe, there are not that many foreigners. So even if I don't explain something, people could understand for the most part. And even more, in Japanese culture, they don't think it is cool to explain a lot.

The high context culture might be one of a unique part of it. But when you design something new, it would be nice/easier if you could explain what you feel by your words to others. Otherwise people might not able to understand some of your nuances. If so, it might be quite hard to make a good...

So, I gave to the students an assignment.

The assignment was;
1. collect 50 pieces of their interest.
2. From the collage, they find out some key words/phrase [A] that can be explain your thought clearly.
3. Express the key words / phrase by an object [B] which is given from someone (or me).
4. Sketch --> Make a model --> Sketch --> Modify the model --> Sketch --> Modify the model… Do the repetition.
5. Ask someone about your output. You have to answer all the questions. In the end you have to convince them by the object you create.

After that, we exhibited the outputs.

This was training to know myself more than anyone else!

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