Believe you believe,
Notice the context,
Gratify people,
Imagine the future,
Stay cool,
Express yourself, and
Design Design!

Lecture, 2019

23rd of December 2020, product design department held an event which has long name. (In short “Design Design”)

By this event, we would like to show the challenge of our department that change the curriculums and the methods better and better to fit the present society and voices from young generations.

When I started working at the school, some of students came to me to complained about the outdated characteristics of the organization...

Since then, I tried to change a lot of things that makes it better. (at least I believed.) However, it has some limit, and I also felt I should not do it that much.

School is NOT for professors, old graduates and politicians. It is for STUDENTS! They have huge power to change it to their ideal form.

I hope the event was helped to realize it to young people…

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