My design motto is to make people happy while using things that I have made.
However, nowadays many things already exist. The increasing waste by the “mass-consumption” driven society has become a serious problem.

Hence, I’ve decided to go back to the "origin of need/making". I was thinking of the times when no transportation was available and the towns were very small. All the inhabitants knew each other and had their own role in society. The designer knew the user, and the user knew the designer, so when a product was used it was done carefully.

I have asked people around me - men and women of all ages and nationalities two simple questions:

1.What is the problem in your daily life?
2.What do you want in your daily life?

After receiving their answers, I’ve tried solving their problems as best I could. The following 9 problems/needs illustrate this:

During the design process, I communicated extensively with the people who posed the problem/need. I believe that communication is the most important thing in order to solve the problem effectively. The results might not be the most innovative products, however they solve real people’s problems and needs, which to me is the most important thing.

01_FootBall Goals
03_Piano Chair

04_BookMark Light
05_Tying for Waste Paper

06_Chair for Japanese Room
07_Step for Kids

08_Alarm for Children

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