SHINE SIGN for Entrance of TAC


In 2015 I could organize an exhibition “10YEARS TAC" for the place where I have my atelier. This year I was given an opportunity to produce the whole entrance.

I made a big signboard (2 x 2.5 m) of their logo on the roof. It consists of 6000 small round pieces hanged on nails. When the wind blows, each pieces swing and shine. It's a simple mechanism that doesn't require electricity and high-tech.

It has to be weather-proof. And key issues were how to produce all the parts/structure, and how to bring it to the roof. Of course within a small budget… However, I know that the great solution is always generated in difficult circumstances!

_Movie : SHINE SIGN for TAC
_Movie : How to make a lot of round pieces with a smile

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